Lesson 101: Protect Yourself On The Internet

As some of you know, this is my no. 101 post of this blog. So I would like to make this post as a lesson article. I had promised that 1 of my friend to write a tutorial about WordPress, Read More

iTalk Whoa! Party At Borneo Rain Forest

If you did read my post at 7th April, you will know that I am at Borneo Rain Forest, Sunway to attend the iTalk Whoa! launching party, as well as doing live blogging from there and published to Twitter, Identica, Read More

The Voice Of Pikachu

Just found some very cute video in youtube. This is one of it. The person who dubbed the voice of Pikachu. Her face a bit looks like Pikachu too. And as cute as Pikachu. lol.

iTalk Whoa! Party!!!: Guess Who Am I & Where I Am Now!!!

Yeah, I am at the iTalk Whoa! Party Now! Looking at Bunkface now! And I am doing Live Fucking!!! Live Blogging from Sunway Borneo Rainforest now! If you want a free web hosting account, try to find who I am Read More