lesson 101

As some of you know, this is my no. 101 post of this blog.
So I would like to make this post as a lesson article.
I had promised that 1 of my friend to write a tutorial about WordPress, I am really sorry about that for not writing it now. I found that writing this topic is much more important since teaching people to protect them self on the Internet is essential.
One of my friend was a victim of this issue, so I think it is best to share what I think so that everyone can benefit from this article.
In this article, I will only talk about the advantages of being anonymous on the Internet. I will only talk about the steps to take for become anonymous in detail in my next article.

If you do realize, a lot people is actually exposing everything about them self to the Internet. This including their personal information, their pictures, their daily activities/schedules, and even their social live!
They post almost everything about them self to Facebook, their blog, and almost everywhere on the internet.
Don’t laugh at them, coz probably your are one of these people as well.

The Internet is not as safe as you think it is. It is not even close to safe place at all!
Every single thing you submitted to the Internet, it goes to the public, everyone can see them!
I am very amazed by these people that they think that no one is actually going to see what they had posted to the Internet.

Actually being anonymous on the Internet is what you should do if you wanted to protect yourself.
Not posting any single things about yourself such as pictures, personal information will help you mask yourself behind the anonymous identity you have on the Internet.
You might think that if being anonymous, you will not be able to share anything about yourself with your friends on the Internet.
Yes, it is! This is exactly what you should do! By posting things about yourself on the Internet, you are not only exposing yourself to your friends, you are also exposing yourself to strangers as well.

Ok, you might wondering what is the advantages of being anonymous on the Internet.
Most of you thinking that someone who are anonymous is just someone who messing around on the Internet but dare not show themselves due to doesn’t want people to know who is the real person who are offending people around everywhere.
If you are thinking that way, you are totally wrong.
Of course, there is some people who stays anonymous for doing this kind of fucking things. But still, the other side of them are actually same like other people, exposing themselves like everyone else. The main reason these fuckers are staying anonymous is just to fuck around and pissing people off.

But anyway, I am not teaching you to become an ass hole by making yourself anonymous on the Internet. The purpose here is just for protecting yourself.
So what is the advantages of being anonymous on the Internet?
Here is what you get for being anonymous:

1) No one know who you are.
Being anonymous, means you hiding your real identity on the Internet. By this, people who actually hates you in real life do not know who you are on the Internet. Thus, it is impossible for you to spread fake rumors about you and attacking you on the Internet.

2) No one is able to harvest your pictures online.
This is one of the biggest advantages. By posting your pictures on your Facebook, everyone can actually just download your pictures from the Internet. So why you want to avoid people from downloading your pictures? Because there is a lot of stalker on the Internet. Some of them you might know them in real life, they looks like normal when you see them, but inside their mind, they might be some psycho who actually admire you with the incorrect way. They will be able to download your pictures and do anything they like if the picture is posted on the Internet.
Some stalker who are not admire you, will use your pictures to do something worse.
They might download the pictures and edit it become you looks very horrible then post it everywhere to defame you.

Besides stalker, you pictures will also be stolen by identity thief.
They download all your pictures, then they create some social network account like Facebook or Friendster account, then they will use all your information to create that account, as if that account is your real account. When they use that fake account to approach your friends, they will thought that they are communicating with you and they might expose some of the information that only both of you know. The identity thief then will know your secret and they will not hesitate to either threaten you with those secret or they will spread it across the Internet.

3) No one knows your information
As the point I mentioned above, identity thief will not be able to use your information to create a fake account to impersonate you. Aside from that, since none of your information is expose, it will be even harder for these stalkers or identity thief to use your information to perform something illegal.
What illegal things they can do? I can say, a lot!

Example, they can use your information and steal your identity to defame other person in their blog, Facebook etc. And the victim will think that it is you, although the nickname might be different, but when they see that all those information like