Cheap Seafood in Puchong: Ocean Seafood Restaurant

I recently patronized a Chinese seafood restaurant in Puchong with my wife and son along with our new foodie friends, and much to my delights, the food at that particular restaurant is pretty cheap, considering that they served delicious seafood Read More

Ramadan Buffet At Frontera Sol Of Mexico!

Who says foods for Buka Puasa in Malaysia is only normal Malaysian foods only!? Now I say you can eat something else for Buka Puasa! Not only Malay foods restaurant offer Ramadan buffet only, Frontera Sol Of Mexico, a Mexican Read More

Very Very Nice Cendol & Laksa In Melaka!!!

Guess what? This was suppose to be a live blogging, but due to problem with my Celcom Broadband when I was In Melaka, I had delayed until today. I was eating the cendol in Melaka last week during my vacation. Read More

iTalk Whoa! Party At Borneo Rain Forest

If you did read my post at 7th April, you will know that I am at Borneo Rain Forest, Sunway to attend the iTalk Whoa! launching party, as well as doing live blogging from there and published to Twitter, Identica, Read More