Buying KFC “Bargain Bucket” Without Getting Belasah

I’m sure everyone of you had watched the video uploaded to Youtube regarding the i-City KFC staff verbally and physically attacked customers. [tube]1R9w6f8C2H4[/tube] Although it is just merely a fight between the customers and the staffs of KFC i-City, but Read More

Nasi Lemak 2.0 (Behind The Scenes)

I believe most of you had watched these 2 videos. If you haven’t watched yet, then here you are, you may watch them here. Namewee just uploaded these 2 videos several hours ago in his Youtube channel. [tube][/tube] [tube][/tube]

Big Booty Bitches

Listen to the lyrics. 300 pound!? No hair? Dun wan skinny but only want fat bitches!? These 2 guys really need to talk to someone, dude! But anyway, the song is damn freaking nice and funny like hell! Enjoy the Read More

The Voice Of Pikachu

Just found some very cute video in youtube. This is one of it. The person who dubbed the voice of Pikachu. Her face a bit looks like Pikachu too. And as cute as Pikachu. lol.

Google 2010 Count Down Timer

I just found something interesting at Google had placed a hidden 2010 count down timer in their search page. Just go to or you might get redirected to it doesn’t matter. Just leave the search text area Read More