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If you did read my post at 7th April, you will know that I am at Borneo Rain Forest, Sunway to attend the iTalk Whoa! launching party, as well as doing live blogging from there and published to Twitter, Identica, My Facebook Status, Garfield’s Shout, Vox etc via a centralized publishing platform.

I was arrived late that day. Anyway, not that I’m the only one who are late. I see a lot other bloggers also rushing into the event venue too.

The first thing I did there, was the same like what other bloggers did. Sign my name, and get the sticker and the headset that is given by the event organizer. Then find a place to sit down and relax. And of course, light up my cigarette and relax.

I see a lot of other bloggers is busy socializing around. That is not I wanted to do anyway, I don’t even know any of them, those who I know them online, I can’t even recognize their face. You know lah, pictures online is photoshoped like hell, and when at real life, the face is totally different, so how could I can recognize any of them? By the way, I am quite a shy guy shy macho guy anyway.

By the way, this is the event’s programs time table:

At sharp 8.30pm, the MC was inviting the VIPs to give speech and introduce about the TM iTalk Whoa!

The next, its the Media Session where the media are given opportunity to ask question about iTalk Whoa!
Of course, the “Media” is included bloggers as well, not only journalist.
I can see that a lot of people feel shy to ask questions. There is only a few person is asking question during the media session.

Myself, I do ask some questions as well.

After the media session has ended, the most entertaining part is started.
Bunkface is singing on the stage.
Among all the songs they sing, I like “Melalui Tingkap Aku” the most. You know which song I mean don’t you?

During Bunkface is singing, a lot of people take pictures.
There is so much flash lights flashing around the stage.
But hey, since this is a product launching as well, why not so much people is taking pictures during the media session? Why there is so much people cam whoring them self during the event, but not take those pictures that is more important for writing in their blog?
For me, during the media session, my camera battery was depleted and not yet change the battery on time for the media session.
But what about the others? A lot of these bloggers is not doing their job!(Not all of them didn’t do their job anyway…)

During the time Bunkface is performing, the vocalist got talk for a while.
He asked the audience if anyone did buy their 1st album or not.
No one answer, and the vocalist was so sad.
But someone who are standing behind me said “Download that whole album’s mp3 for free got lar”.
Luckily no one hear that, if not everyone will boo him. Although the fact is, everyone who are standing there also always do the same thing.
During Bunkface is singing, there is also someone who are very crazy but heroic.
He shouted “I hate Josh Lim!” Although not much people hear that, but those people who hear that shocked by him.
You the man dude!

After I took some pictures, of course, I am enjoying the foods while listen to the songs.
Free foods dude!

And here it is, the gift from the organizer.

It is now attached to my desktop, and my smaller headset is now inside my laptop beg already.