Not Everything On The Internet Is About You!

It had comes to my concern where the social media nowadays, had contaminated with all kinds of people. Notably, people who always thinks that everything on the Facebook, are all about them, while in fact, it isn’t. I believe most Read More

What Is Creative Commons?

Actually I’ve written this article long time ago with the title Licensing Your Works But seems like there are still some people do not really understand what is Creative Commons yet, so I will try to write again with more Read More

Site’s Contents License Changed

I’m not sure how many of you realize this. At the right bottom of this website, there is a Creative Commons logo and a link to Creative Commons website. That logo is actually the license I used for protecting my Read More

Multipages Articles In My Blog!

Some of you who really read what I write, might find out that some articles I write is damn long and contains damn fucking much words. Yeah, although not much people is reading this blog, but still I like to Read More

Christmas Theme For My Blog

As you can see, my blog now had changed to the Christmas theme. So for the whole December, you will be seeing the same theme until early of January 2011. By the way, in this month, I might give away Read More