New Peugeot Logo In Malaysia – #CDM25

This is an unofficial logo for Peugeot in Malaysia. How this logo is inspired? See the video below. Dear Kiki Kamaruddin, you are now fucking famous with your white Peugeot with plate number CDM25. Also, I realize that your company, Read More

Happy Women’s Day!

Today is 8th March, in other word, this means today is International Women’s Day. So I would like to wish every females who reading this, Happy Women’s Day! About what is “International Women’s Day” and its history, I think I Read More

iTalk Whoa! Party At Borneo Rain Forest

If you did read my post at 7th April, you will know that I am at Borneo Rain Forest, Sunway to attend the iTalk Whoa! launching party, as well as doing live blogging from there and published to Twitter, Identica, Read More

What Book Do Most People Read Everyday? ==> Facebook!

JDYWH66AN8B8 Disclaimer: This picture is simply taken from Google Image only. There is no intention of insulting the original magazine at below nor the model in this magazine’s cover. yeah, everyone read this book. Facebook. How many people read “Lord Read More