My Chinese New Year Post

This year my Chinese New Year post will be a very very short ones, coz my mood is very bad during this whole Chinese New Year. So,

A Very Cute Teddy Bear

Anyone of you like teddy bear? Anyone of you did make wish that your teddy bear can talk to you. In this movie, “Ted Is Real”, John made a wish when he is 8 years old that his bear can Read More

Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day!

I’m sure most of you know that 14th February is Valentine’s Day. If you got Facebook, I am very sure that a lot people’s updates did remind you that it is Valentine’s Day today! Example, some morons shouting in Facebook Read More

My Rant About Malaysian In Malaysia OSS Communities

Well, I believe some of you had already read these in the mailing list. Since I see I had spend some time and write until so long in the mailing list, so why not I also post it in Read More