Happy Doomsday!

Ok, why do I wish everyone “Happy Dooms Day!?”

According to some paranoid people, they say 21st December 2012 is the end of Mayan calendar.
And they said the end of Mayan calendar, means the “Planet Nibiru” will going to crash onto the Earth and kill everyone.

I don’t know how true is that, but here I am listing a few things you might want to get yourself to prepare for the dooms day.

If you have money:
1. Buy ticket for the ship which is located at Mount Himalaya.
The 1 from the movie 2012.

2. Just in case the arc’s ticket is too expensive, build your own spaceship and go to and hide at ISS.

3. Pack up your baggage to bring along when the dooms day happen.

4. Buy fuckloads of Playboy magazines and keep bring alone these magazines to the arc or the spaceship, as it is the greatest book every created by human race!
Even much more greater than the Gutenberg Bible! LOL

5. Some Mars Bars.
Just in case you are afraid, you can eat the Mars Bars and imagine you are already at the Mars. LOL

If you have no money:
1. Prepare a list of the enemy you wish to kill.
Why? Because this is the only chance you can kill people and no need to go to jail. Everyone will going to die anyway, at least you get to kill them yourself before they die of getting hit by meteor or something.

2. A laptop with 3G modem.
WTF!? I know you going to tweet and facebook about the dooms days when you see the meteor is striking on you lar. Don’t deny it lar. Even you just woke up, you announce to the whole world that you just woke up in facebook. Now dooms day wor, confirm you are going to fb about it 1 lar!

3. Confess to the person you like, say you will love her/him till the end of the world.
Yeah, this lie will going to most trust-able lie, because just a few minutes after you say that, the world is going to end.

4. Whack police, whack Najib!
Well, since the end of world already, there will be no more jail, everyone is going to die. So why not take this chance and do it while you can, just before the world end? Right?

5. Become a fake prophet.
Tell some noobs you are the reborn of Jesus and going to save them, so that you have more people to die together with you at the same place. I am sure that there will be a lot of noobs going to believe you, as those who over extreme, they believe that Jesus will come back for them to safe them.
Well, the truth is, only Noah will come back, and Noah is actually the US government, extorting money from you when you buy the arc’s ticket!

CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Happy Doomsday! by Garfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • I like it. Happy Doomsday to you too! 🙂 Looks like our government is simply approving migration so that they can get their votes. I feel sad for this.

  • Yeah, the government even build schools for them!
    Our people also not enough school yet, and they don’t want to build for us.
    Especially Chinese and Tamil school. But the government go and spend so much money to build Indonesian school in Sabah for them, just because they want to buy over these votes…