Degree Noobs

As you all IT fellers out there know, MOSTI is introducing their CPB bill (Computing Professionals Board act). Although they are pushing the responsibilities saying that they are just “facilitating” the process of drafting that stupid bill, but still, that bill is just a piece of stupid bill that will cause our country’s IT industry to die! Yeah! Die!


Yeah, a head shot to everyone of us in the IT industry!

If really MOSTI is just “facilitating” the process of drafting the bill, then who is the one who want to propose the bill? PIKOM? So far I only see PIKOM and its minions are interested to have this bill to become an act, just for their own business benefit to eliminate competitors, such as IT service providers who are using non-proprietary softwares which able to quote price lower than them self, but comes with better quality products and services.

Well, if I am going to talk about the CPB bill, this whole article will be at least 10 page long. So this article, I will just focus on those fucktards mindset who they thought they can still survive if this bill is implemented.

Move on to the 2nd page of this article and to more on how I want to fuck off these fucktards!