Do you remember when you are still a small child, your parents and teachers always tell you fairy tales like Snow White, Wizard Of Oz, Alice In Wonderland etc?

Such fairy tales still exist nowadays, even on the silver screen of cinemas. But well, they are told in a different ways. Fairy tales are all now become horror movies. Not only children watch will cry, even adult watch also at night can’t sleep well!

And WTF!? Even Snow White also can become like a warrior!?

And Red Riding Hood… Erm… WTF!!!!???

Alice In Wonderland… So fucking freaky! This is for children to watch!?

Well, at least Beauty And The Beast is not freaky, but definitely not for children to watch(according to Malaysia censorship standard, coz got kiss here and kiss there scenes). For teenagers, yeah, coz this 1 is a love story.

And The Sorcerer’s Apprentice… WTH is wrong with this story!? Since when do Merlin from King Arthur got to do with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!?

After see all these childhood fairy tales has been molested by Disney, who was also the one that produced the older and children friendly version. I rather watch Angry Birds!