Opera IPv6

Do you know that you can actually access webpage with IPv6 addresses, just like IPv4?
Usually, when view webpages with IPv4 address, you will use URL like “” to view the website.
Well, you can do so with IPv6 addresses as well. But the URL will looks a bit different.
For IPv6, you will need to include “[” and “]”.
Example, http://[2404:6800:800b::68]

So how bout https?
In IPv4, you usually go with the URL like
But in IPv6, you will need to include the SSL port number as well.
So it will be like this: https://[2404:6800:800b::68]:443

This works with most modern browsers, such as Firefox 3.6 or above, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 or above.
And please don’t ask why Internet Explorer 6 can’t. Internet Explorer 6 just can’t do anything much other than use for download other web browsers!

Anyway, enjoy your journey in exploring IPv6!