Happy Dragon Year!

Here, I would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year!
May you have a prosperous year of Water Dragon!
Yes, I know, I am 7 days late. So I would also like to wish you a Happy Human Day! As 7th day of Chinese New Year, is the day that human was created, according to the legend.

This year I am not going to say anything bad, as I have run out of idea on what to curse people this year.
Also, my mood for this year is a little bit better than last year, so no point cursing people this year.
The only thing I can think of, is “Wish all iTards going to declare bankruptcy this for spending fuckloads of money to buy each model of iProducts! Wish you guys/gals credit card swipe until pecah!”

Ok, why I say my mood is better this year?

  • 1. Because I get my new car 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, and able to drive a better car for go back to home town this year. No more suffering like last year, stuck in the fucking jam in PLUS highway.
  • 2. Business getting much better since early of the year, so more cash to celebrate Chinese New Year for this year.
  • 3. My web hosting business sales for January 2012, has break the highest monthly sales compare to the highest sales month of last year. It is a very good sign that in the first month of the year, can break the highest record of previous year!

But well, there are something that I am not so happy about this year.

  • 1. The BCPM bill which going to kill the whole IT industry, everyone in the IT field. Although those noobs in MOSTI saying that this bill is actually intended to raise the Malaysia IT quality by forcing everyone to be certified in order to do anything related with IT, but the stupid bill is just going to kill everyone, as that bill require we all to be certified on every single component, if we wanted to touch the config file. Come on lar, just for touching 1 small server which running around 8 apps, then need to go and take exam for certified 8 certification only can touch that small server!? Like this you say stupid or not?
  • 2. The stupid SOPA and PIPA bill proposed by the US government. Just google for it and you will find a lot of information related with this 2 bills. Although they had dropped SOPA, but they have ACTA as the backup in order to replace SOPA. And it seems worse also. Perhaps Obama is actually born in Malaysia 1, thats why he is so sohai like MOSTI people!
  • 3. US$ value is still very low, compare to the time I just started to earn in US$. Although currently the rate now is 1 USD = 3.04100 MYR, but when the time I started to earn in US$, the rate is 3.6!
  • 4. This is the most important 1. Najib+Rosmah and their 1Malaysia gang is still ruling the country and sucking our money to buy diamond rings and condos for cows to live… And no solid action was taken…

Anyway, to end this article, I wish you Happy Chinese New Year, and do not fucking message me to ask for ang pau, coz I will only give you an empty ang pau packet without money in it!

Happy Dragon Year!