Sungei Wang Plaza marked its 46 years of being a shopping haven in the heart of Bukit Bintang and Kuala Lumpur this year and is proud to bring the “Kenangan Raya “ festive campaign. The festive campaign will run from 31st March 2023 to 1st May 2023 to celebrate forthcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri in full joyous mood while promoting and preserving Malaysia’s unique cultural heritage.

Shoppers will be mesmerized by our stunning decoration, cultural fun and of course, tons of festive shopping!

The mall’s Centre Court is transformed into a paddy fields village to give vibes and reminisce the memory of “Balik Kampung” to celebrate the Hari Raya.

Adding on to the walk down the memory lane, revisit those memorable childhood traditional and nostalgic games such as ‘congkak’ and ‘batu seremban’ that can be enjoyed with the family, a great way to educate the younger generations to appreciate the cultural heritage.

Such village hut décor and lanterns are also extended towards the Main Entrance and Sungei Wang Walk to elevate the atmosphere and complement the overall ambience and such joyous festive mood while promoting Malaysia’s unique cultural heritage to shoppers and tourists.

Exciting events such as traditional performances, fashion shows and competition are also lined up to showcase Malaysia’s diverse culture and traditions. These events can help to attract more shoppers to Sungei Wang Plaza, while promoting cultural exchange and understanding among people of different backgrounds. Artistic performances, such as traditional dances or traditional musicals shall help to educate people about Malaysia’s cultural heritage and promote appreciation for its artistic traditions while fashion shows and competition will inspire creativity and innovation with participation from the community.

These events will also provide opportunities for local artists, performers, and designers to showcase their talents and gain exposure at the same time. By promoting local talent, Sungei Wang Plaza is not only preserving Malaysia’s cultural heritage but also supporting the local creative industry. Overall, the additional events planned as part of the campaign can help to make the experience at Sungei Wang Plaza more engaging and enjoyable.

Some of our recommended highlights for your Raya shopping at Sungei Wang are as below:

The Optical Street at Sungei Wang Plaza.

On this level, there are many optical shops, which include online stores like Glasses Direct that offer prescription glasses at a competitive price. Prices start at RM40 and above, depending on your prescription’s power. Generally, they can get a new pair of glasses done for you in just 40 minutes.

A DIY Makeover at Watsons

Watsons is having a massive sale with their ‘Rahsia Gaya Raya’, so this would be a good place should you want to get yourselves some body care or beauty products for yourselves or your family.

The ‘Mew Market Raya Bazaar’.

This is where you can get purchase all your Raya hamper and goodies.

And of course, some traditional Malay clothings for the upcoming Hari Raya as well.

After all that ‘Raya’ shopping and activities at the mall, shoppers can enjoy a satisfying ‘Buka Puasa’ with a wide range of F&B outlets to choose from this Ramadhan namely Kakatoo, Dubuyo, The Chicken Rice Shop, Secret Recipe, Kopi Club, Station Kopitiam, Teppanyaki and so much more.

Sungei Wang Plaza also housed other amenities like beauty and wellness shops, fashion, beauty, and entertainment. Beauty and wellness shops like Guardian, Watson, and Caring offer wide range of products and services for personal grooming and health needs. Fashion shops like Good2U, SUB, Giordano and many more offer trendy clothing and accessories for those looking to update their wardrobe. For those looking for leisure entertainment, shoppers can take it up and a notch and have fun to drive drift cars at BlastaCars, challenge ownself to an indoor rock-climbing gym at Camp5, and MinNature where shoppers can lose themselves in a miniature world of intricate and detailed models of cities and landmarks in Malaysia.

MinNature Malaysia. A must visit place for those who are interested to discover more about Malaysia and it’s cultural diversity. The artworks is so detailed and life-like, despite being in miniature sizes.

As a part of Sungei Wang Plaza’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, 20 Asnaf Children from Pertubuhan Pembangunan Insan Darussalam Malaysia were invited to spend a day full of activities at Sungei Wang Plaza on 1st April 2023 so they would be able to enjoy the festive season too. During the visit, the children has the opportunity to uncover their artistic skills at the fun Batik Colouring Workshop, visiting MinNature, the tourist attraction that specializes in creating and meticulous crafting of miniature models that showcases the beauty of Malaysian architecture, culture, and nature in a small and compact form.

If you’re shopping at Sungei Wang, do keep on mind that they’re giving away exclusive goodies for shoppers. You may redeem limited edition collectible Raya Packet with a minimum spend of RM218 in a maximum TWO (2) receipts. And, with a minimum spend of RM418 in a maximum of TWO (2) receipts to redeem yourself an exclusive Sungei Wang Plaza Raya Cookies Set. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, visit Sungei Wang Plaza’s website at or check real-time updates on Sungei Wang’s Facebook page at