Difference Between Windows Sysadmin vs Linux/BSD Sysadmin

In this post, I am not going to write too much. I am just going to show some examples according to the reality, based on the requirement need by Windows 2008 R2 and latest versions of Linux/BSD distros. The mission: Read More

Steve Jobs Is Suffering From Pancreatic Cancer

Full Name: Steve Paul Jobs Date of Birth: 24th Feb 1955 Place of Birth: San Francisco Founded Apple At 1976 As you all have known, Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple. But he will stay on as Read More

Lets Join The Dark Side!!!

Lets Join The Dark Side!!! I Know You Couldn’t Resist The Temptation Of The Dark Side!!! See How A Young Jedi Say Fuck Off To Master Windu!!! So Lets Use FreeBSD Instead!!!

My Rant About Malaysian In Malaysia OSS Communities

Well, I believe some of you had already read these in the osdc.my mailing list. Since I see I had spend some time and write until so long in the mailing list, so why not I also post it in Read More

Xmas Themes For Gnome 2.x!

If you are using Linux/BSD, and you wanted to have a Christmas themes for your Gnome desktop, here are 2 themes you may download. I found these 2 themes from http://gnome-look.org. Ultimate Edition Xmas Theme This theme pack will not Read More