Having A Degree, Doesn’t Mean You Can Do Work Better Than The Others.

As you all IT fellers out there know, MOSTI is introducing their CPB bill (Computing Professionals Board act). Although they are pushing the responsibilities saying that they are just “facilitating” the process of drafting that stupid bill, but still, that Read More

My Domains DNS Issues

Some of you who did follow my tweets or my Facebook updates, might already know what happened. Last week, when I was trying to access to some of my websites, I am not able to reach the website. At first, Read More

7 Different Types of Business Insurance for Your Business Needs

The different types of business insurance are as follows: property insurance, casualty or liability insurance, auto insurance, crime insurance, business interruption insurance, business life insurance, and worker

3 Basic Guidelines for Making a Personal Development Plan

To make a good personal development plan, you just follow these basic guidelines: recognize your present state, identify your goal, and work your way to success. A personal development plan serves as a blueprint to an individual as he makes Read More