Bangsawan Dendam Laksamana Review

So, my wife was feeling bored last friday and was up to her mischief again. This time around, instead of dragging me to the cinema to catch up on the latest movie to or force me to accompany her for Read More

Cheap Seafood in Puchong: Ocean Seafood Restaurant

I recently patronized a Chinese seafood restaurant in Puchong with my wife and son along with our new foodie friends, and much to my delights, the food at that particular restaurant is pretty cheap, considering that they served delicious seafood Read More

Innergie LifeHub USB 33W (6.3A) Power Hub with 3 USB Ports and Extended 17.4-Foot Charging Cable Reach

I’ve been given privileges to try LifeHub from Innergie with 3 USB powered portable devices where you can charge all your devices at once. It is a convenient way to charge tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, portable game consoles and more.  Read More

The Kid From The Big Apple 我来自纽约

Like Stars, Not Always Seen, But Forever There… Not many movies I review, I like it. But this movie, I would say I love it so much that I keep on repeating listening to its sound track. Cast List Ti Read More

Cheating Death Nightly with Aaron Crow

Aaron Crow’s “Fearless!” is definitely a must watch when you’re up in Resorts World Genting as he will without a doubt transport you into a parallel universe of magic, suspense, risky stunts and mystery which will leave you at the Read More