WTF!? Why Buy This While All Man Already Have Own!?

Not going to write anything much about this video I found in Youtube. Enjoy! LOL

CNY Ended, But Lots Of Things To Headache About!

While every naive young girls is throwing mandarin oranges into the lake, and those horny young boys is picking up those mandarin oranges at the lake side. I am throwing a nuclear bombs to those ass holes who giving me Read More


I’m sure you are familiar with this word. And even meet a lot people who are damn hypocrite! Maybe yourself is one of them too! Anyway, I still want to explain this word by giving some examples. How do a Read More

Free Alternative Domains For Your Blogspot

I’m sure that there is a lot people are forced to use long names as their blogspot URL due to they are not able to get the shorter name as other people already used that. You often see there is Read More

Potong Ar? Potong Your Lanciao Or Phone Line?

Everyone who use Internet in Malaysia now keep on talk about “Eh, potong good or not?” This picture below will tell you the answer if you have this question. I have Streamyx, Celcom & P1 Wimax now. But I will Read More