Fruits In Bukit Gantang – Part 5 – Cili Padi

Myself, I love to have Cili Padi with my foods, although I can’t really eat spicy things. Although it is considered as vegetables, but since it is the fruit of the plant, so I put it together into this “Bukit Read More

1 Year Anniversary Of Surviving

The picture is not my house, it is Disney. If you have read this blog long enough, you will know that I am actually lucky to be alive today. Last year 18th of June, my house was burned due to Read More

Lesson 102: The Steps Of Becoming Invisible

As promised before this, I am going to write about this Lesson 102 article. Before you continue reading this, I want to warn you. This tutorial is to teach you how to protect your identity by becoming anonymous on the Read More

Free Alternative Domains For Your Blogspot

I’m sure that there is a lot people are forced to use long names as their blogspot URL due to they are not able to get the shorter name as other people already used that. You often see there is Read More