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I’m sure you are familiar with this word.
And even meet a lot people who are damn hypocrite!
Maybe yourself is one of them too!

Anyway, I still want to explain this word by giving some examples.
How do a person can be considered as hypocrite? Usually, these people will pretend good to you and showing that they are your friend, but in fact they are not treating you like a friend at all. To them, you are just another tools that they can use for amusement, to laugh at, or even a topic for them to gossip everywhere.

They usually will come near to you and be friend with you, or even make you feel you are close to them and tell them your problems to them by yourself. And then what? The information that they had harvested will be a hot topic for them to gossip about!

There is also some other examples of hypocrisy.
Example, a supplier and a client.
Usually, both also will behave damn hypocrite. The supplier will usually say until like they had given the lowest price to the client and earn almost nothing, as well as telling the client he/she already gave the best privilege to the client. And on the other side, the client, will usually pretend like he willing to pay higher for good quality products and services. And then they will keep on press down the price by pretend very friend with the supplier.
WTF lar woi!!!

It seems like hypocrisy has become something normal for humans nowadays. And I tell you, it is sucks!
For myself, I usually don’t behave so hypocrite to my clients anyway. I just be honest with them and when there is anything I am not happy about, I will just voice out(sometimes fuck them off). This could be the reason why I had offended so many clients. But hey, being honest is better than scamming you lar! You moron!

Myself, had been seen too many hypocrite people. Too many until I lost count.
They can promise you that they will help you, and they pretend like very friend with you. But in fact, they do not even intend to help you at all. Telling you that “don’t worry, I’ll try my best to help you” then at the back, saying that “pukimak, you think I so much time ar? just want me to know you got problem only izzit? sorry lar, you settle yourself lar!”.
Oi! WTF is wrong with these people!? If you don’t want to help, and not happy that I asked you to help, just say it honestly lar, don’t say you will try your best and then after turn your face over, you say lanciao things there!

Hypocrite people is usually hard to be identified, until yourself really kena from them, kena until they screwed you from belakang until in front. Usually, these hypocrite people will say they hate hypocrite people. But there is actually 1 more part they will not say, they hate hypocrite people, except for themself!
And yes, I kena from this kind of people before! Maybe this is the reason why, so many people being paranoid. But still no matter how paranoid they are, they will still be the victim of these hypocrite people.

So, what to do?
Just pray that you will not kena screw until from belakang to in front, then from in front kena screw until back to belakang again lar.

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