CNY Ended, But Lots Of Things To Headache About!

While every naive young girls is throwing mandarin oranges into the lake, and those horny young boys is picking up those mandarin oranges at the lake side. I am throwing a nuclear bombs to those ass holes who giving me Read More

1 Year Anniversary Of Surviving

The picture is not my house, it is Disney. If you have read this blog long enough, you will know that I am actually lucky to be alive today. Last year 18th of June, my house was burned due to Read More


I’m sure you are familiar with this word. And even meet a lot people who are damn hypocrite! Maybe yourself is one of them too! Anyway, I still want to explain this word by giving some examples. How do a Read More

A Polite Poem From Me

Angry, Frustrated, And Damn Tulan. I am wondering, what the world has become. Is the world near to the end? Why there is so many Pukimak around the world? Oh God! Can you hear my prayer? Please tell me that Read More

Press Freedom!? Freedom Of Speech!?

This articles suppose to be the