Everyone who use Internet in Malaysia now keep on talk about “Eh, potong good or not?”
This picture below will tell you the answer if you have this question.

potong already

I have Streamyx, Celcom & P1 Wimax now.
But I will not talk about Celcom here, since this topic is about potong or not.

For Streamyx, I have very bad experience with their customer service. When got problem, I always call to their call center. Their customer used to make me heart attack. But now, the quality of their customer service had improved a lot. Those voice that used to make me heart attack is no longer there anymore, a lot of new voice and with better quality. The most important thing, these new people won’t make you piss off until heart attack.

While for speed and stability, undeniable, it is much more better than P1 Wimax.

P1 Wimax always claim that they are the “Download King”, how true is that?
It used to be true for a while when they just start. I used to say P1 Wimax speed is fast and it is consider stable among all wireless Internet service. But this no longer true as I found that they already oversold their bandwidth.

P1 Wimax is no longer stable like last time. Yeah, it is normal that a wireless Internet connection is not stable, but unstable until like 3G, it is totally unacceptable.

On speed wise, I can tell you it is awful. It is much more slower than what you paid for. Although they said the speed is on best effort basis, but it is really horrible! People said that Streamyx is on best effort basis and it is sucks. But in this case, P1 Wimax is much more worse. P1 1.2mps package can only perform on less than 50% of its speed at most of the time. Sometimes even worse, lower than 50% of its speed!!! While Streamyx 1mbps, can perform up to 80% most of the time. Sometimes my Streamyx 1mbps can boost up to 1.8mbps at midnight(at the time everyone already sleep). While in midnight, P1 Wimax is still on 50% of its speed.

On stability, Streamyx is still win on this. P1 Wimax has frequent disconnected, no matter there is disruption of frequency or not. For people who do not do SSH connection to servers, you might not aware about this. It is very annoying that you have to keep on reconnect to the server due to this type of disconnection, it is making me wasting a lot time and not able to finish my work earlier.

While I am on Streamyx connection, the connection never drop, unless there is some problem on their network side which is not happen always(about once or twice a month). Compare to P1 Wimax every half an hour, it is like heaven and hell. Streamyx is a wired connection after all, so the stability of the Internet connection is undeniable. P1 Wimax is wireless, so if there is someone around playing remote control car, you might be also disconnected due to the frequency disruption as well. Wired is always better than wireless, this is why you never see servers connected to the network switch via wireless in datacenters.

Now talk about their DNS server. Streamyx DNS server used to update very slow, this has improved greatly and their DNS cache is updated every 15 minutes, compared to last time, it was updated every 24 hours. I pointed my new domains to my servers, it is able to resolve the DNS just after 5 minutes sometimes. While for P1 Wimax, damn, 48 hours to 72 hours! Damn long! Sometimes it even lost the DNS records of some domain name! I am wondering how P1 Wimax configure their DNS server!

P1 Wimax is famous to be able to reach some of the famous sites very fast, but do you know what is the reason? The sites is saved in cache. You are actually accessing the outdated cache files most of the time, not the latest ones. Although the database of the sites might be the most updated ones, but the modified images or anything of the sites, you might be not viewing the latest ones. For some forums, they even cache the sites database that was loaded before. This is why you sometimes see people is scolding about they viewed the forum post which they already see a few days ago and not able to see the updated ones when they using P1 Wimax. Although this problem has been rectified recently, but there is still some sites will be cached. People have to use OpenDNS which is the 3rd party DNS server to see the latest stuff!

You might ask why they cache it? Very simple, it make them looks like their Internet service is fast, and also they are saving the bandwidth. By not loading the page all over again, means the out going connection is not loaded, hence they can save the bandwidth for other users who need to see new contents where they don’t have the cache. From what I see, they already disabled this thing recently, I’m not so sure about this, coz I am not able to test this as those sites I always browse are sites that need to be updated recently such as facebook. Their network speed become much much more slower maybe is also because of this.

So conclusion, they do not have that big pipe, but they still take more and more subscribers. It has become damn congested now. Streamyx is also oversell, but at least TM Net has a much much more bigger pipe to serve the customers compare to the tiny pipe that P1 Wimax have.

On price wise, P1 Wimax win. It is cheaper than Streamyx.
But are you willing to pay cheaper for something that is only able to be use until less than 50%? I’m not willing. If compare to Streamyx, at least I am able to use until 80% of the quality I paid for. Although if we pay 100%, we should get 100%. But since 80% is the best choice currently available, I rather go for the 80% option. On stability wise, Streamyx already is the best choice for me to able to do my work without interruption. Furthermore, the rest of the comparison, Streamyx is still win.

Now TM Net has put up a new advertisement to fight back P1 Wimax’s “Potong!” advertisement.

Why Potong?

For the first time, I am agree with TM Net’s advertisement. This time they are really not boasting like their old advertisements.

See the guy in the advertisement? I most of the time also have to do the same like this feller, although I am in P1 Wimax green signal area! Some people might be not having this problem, you are lucky. But still, you will not be able to get as much as you paid for. P1 Wimax is extremely oversell!!!

So if you are at P1 Wimax orange signal area, do not even think of subscribing P1 Wimax at all, or else you will be the person in the TM Net’s advertisement! Don’t be as sohai as me, wasting money and get tied up 1 year with P1 Wimax!(Luckily I just sign up for 1 year only!!!)

If you wanted to subscribe Streamyx, any package, just email me at [email protected] with your photo copy of your I/C, previous month phone bill. I will settle for you as I am a Streamyx agent. For business application, email me the business owner/director’s I/C, previous month phone bill and the company registration photo copy.

I used to be ashamed that I am a Streamyx agent. But after I used Streamyx, Celcom(Depends on area), P1 Wimax(I almost fall down from the window for getting signal), Maxis(Returned modem at the next day as it is totally crap!), U Mobile(Same as Celcom, as it is on Celcom infrastructure) & Izzy(Borrow from my friend, and found that it is also a crap!), I am proud to be a Streamyx agent now!

To P1 Wimax, sorry, I am not selling for you anymore! I only sell good things to my clients!

So, don’t potong! Keep you lanciao! Don’t cut it away! You will regret!

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