Chap Goh Mei

While every naive young girls is throwing mandarin oranges into the lake, and those horny young boys is picking up those mandarin oranges at the lake side. I am throwing a nuclear bombs to those ass holes who giving me fuckloads of problems during the whole CNY!

This year’s CNY is not as smooth as it used to be, although it started much better than last year.
Well, it ended more worse than last year.

Fuckloads of things happened in these 15 days! Mostly related with money! Yeah, Money!
I am not going to tell what happened, as it is really none of your business. I just want to rant at my own blog. So if you going to comment on this article, beware that you might get shoot!

Mah ka chao cibai customers! Want service, don’t want to pay. And when pay late already, I suspend your service, you lanciao word so many!

Pukimak people! You don’t want to give 1 month notice, then don’t lanciao word so much! Just take what you can take and shut the fuck up! Don’t do so many lanciao thing!

Ham kar ling DC! I every month give you so much money, now you want to extort more money from me ka!? Nevermind, I give the money to other DC and you go fuck off lar!

Celaka new DC! Money pay already for the server, you take so many days just to process that simple order!? You don’t want to do business ar!?

Ham chat people! I also so no money already, you still want me to spend more and want to make me more not enough money to use ar!?

Chao Cibai! I problem enough already lar, you still want to give me more problem ar!? My time also not enough to use already lar, how the fuck do you think I can squeeze out more time to entertain you!? You are expert in some thing, I also expert in some other thing lar! If your expertise give you too much free time until you don’t know how to use it, don’t come and kacau me! My expertise require a lot of time, and now my time is not enough to use! Maybe your expertise don’t earn you enough money for feed your family, but my expertise do earn for feeding my family! Don’t fucking piss me off!

Microsoft also another pukimak! Make so many editions of Windows 7, until my fucking client also buy wrong version and now cannot login to the fucking Domain Controller! The customer also 1 more, buy that time never ask me first, go and listen to the laptop vendor brain wash and just buy it because of cheap price!