My Rant About Malaysian In Malaysia OSS Communities

Well, I believe some of you had already read these in the mailing list. Since I see I had spend some time and write until so long in the mailing list, so why not I also post it in Read More

USDA Calls For Removal Of DHA/ARA From Organic Formula

Natural. Pure. Wholesome. Good. Those are the words that come to mind when I see the “USDA organic” seal. At a time when we are all more mindful of the dangers of pesticides and chemicals in the foods we eat, Read More

MAS Traveler Blogger Party

Early of this month, I was invited to attend the MAS Traveler Blogger Party in Neo Tamarind. This blogger party is actually a product launching party. MAS is launching their Facebook App and introducing this app’s feature during the party. Read More

Fucking Moron Advertisers

I’m sure there is a lot of bloggers, are earning from their blog as part of their income. Although not much of the bloggers nowadays earn much, but I do know quite a huge number of them are professional bloggers Read More

Emi Fujita – How Did I Fall in Love with You

I heard this song two days ago in Facebook. It was posted by a friend of mine. Anyway, since I like it a lot due to it is so sweet and it is making my feel very relax. So I Read More