Having A Degree, Doesn’t Mean You Can Do Work Better Than The Others.

As you all IT fellers out there know, MOSTI is introducing their CPB bill (Computing Professionals Board act). Although they are pushing the responsibilities saying that they are just “facilitating” the process of drafting that stupid bill, but still, that Read More

Merry Christmas To Everyone!

Every year at this very same day, I will also post a Christmas greeting in my blog. To keep the tradition of this blog, here is my Christmas greeting to you. This year, you will not going to see anything Read More

There You’ll Find Me

There You’ll Find Me is a wonderfully engaging Christian coming of age story, and readers would easily be drawn into the lives of the character. Initially, I thought that this book will be something like a chic-lit, but I was Read More

“Freedom Campaign” To Reject CPB2011 Bill

Proposal for “Freedom” campaign, in case of our voice are ignored by MOSTI and insisting on implementing BCP2011. “Freedom” Campaign Our Demand For Freedom In IT Practitioning, As in: 1. Freedom to select skills that we have to perform in Read More