Mas Traveler

Early of this month, I was invited to attend the MAS Traveler Blogger Party in Neo Tamarind.
This blogger party is actually a product launching party. MAS is launching their Facebook App and introducing this app’s feature during the party.

When I arrive there, they hang some orchids on my neck. Kinda feel like I am at Hawaii.
And there is drinks served. They even place a label to the juices!

Lemon Grass JuiceTamarind Juice

And there is something I like a lot. FOOD!!!
You can tell them what kind of spaghetti you want! And yes, I love spaghetti!!!


And there is also lots of activities during the party. But too bad, I don’t have the pictures to show. I forgotten to replace new batteries to my camera before I go…
Well, at least the battery survived until I get the picture of Jojo Struys. She is the emcee of the event.

Jojo Struys

Ok, now the most important thing to tell you guys.
The Facebook Apps that MAS is launching is called MHbuddy. It is for those who want book a flight are reminded of their friends who live at the destination they are headed for. MHBuddy users will also be prompted if any of their friends on Facebook are also planning to travel to the same destination.

With MHBuddy, it is also possible for travelers to share their itinerary with their friends on Facebook. MHbuddy users can also select their seats as well as view the seats of their friends traveling on the same flight.
MHBuddy can be accessed from at

And there is something more! That is I MAS Travel Contest. It is open to all bloggers and the prize is TWO All-Expense Paid Trips for the winners.

Here’s how you can join the contest:
1. Register
2. Submit a blog post (can even be an old post, as long as it’s your best travel post)
3. Upload a video on why you deserve the prize
4. Get as many ‘Likes’ as you can

Contest Requirements and Terms:
1. Must be 18 years old and above.
2. Must be a Malaysian Resident.
3. Must be a member of
4. Contestants are not allowed to submit on behalf of other individuals.
5. Contestants must own the rights of the submission content; MAS and Yahoo are not liable for removal of contest submission due to copyright infringement.
6. This includes and not limited to write ups, photos, animations, videos or any other type of content format submitted.
7. Only Facebook Likes on the contest page in are eligible to be counted as valid contest votes.
8. For other terms and conditions, please refer to their website..

The contest will end at 1st April 2011. Yeah, April Fool!!!