Well, the video says enough.
To those who already have iPhone, but when iPhone3Gs come out, rush to go and buy.
And then when iPhone4 comes out, go and queue up a damn long line to buy the iPhone4.
You should watch this video. Noobs!

Well, some goes to those who already have iPad iKotex, but even before iPad2 comes out, already go and queue up at the fucking long queue to buy the iPad2 which you never even see before, this video is for you too! Noobs!

By the way, if I found a Blackberry video like this one, I will post it up too!
Coz I find it very stupid to wasting time to queue up for such a long queue just for something that you already have, where it is just a slightly newer model…

I would prefer those money that wasted on these craps, to be bank in into my account…

Noob iPhone4