Spring For Susannah

Spring for Susannah by Catherine Richmond is a very beautiful love story. It’s rich, highly emotional but not melodramatic. Anyone who loves a good love story would be able to appreciate this story. Readers will have no trouble following the Read More

Charlie and the Apple Factory

Well, the video says enough. To those who already have iPhone, but when iPhone3Gs come out, rush to go and buy. And then when iPhone4 comes out, go and queue up a damn long line to buy the iPhone4. You Read More

Raising Concern Over Marketing Gimmick

As a parent, I feel abit concern with misleading campaign by certain diary product company. I’ve come across an article that made me wonder how far all these companies goes to gain consumer’s trust? Profiting through such way; by trying Read More

No Place Like Holmes

If you grew up reading Hardy Boys or children investigative series, you will definitely like ‘ No Place Like Holmes’ by Jason Lethcoe. Reading this book brings me back to my childhood days where I savour reading short mystery book. Read More

DMCA to protect your website’s contents

In my previous post about Creative Commons, I did mentioned about DMCA, and promised that I will write about what is DMCA. Although I had delayed a few post, but now I had publish it now. DMCA is actually stands Read More