iPhone4Blackberry Torch 9800

As you can see nowadays, these smart phones are release to the market like mushroom growing after the rain. And when each of the model is released, people are lining up to purchase them like a group of mushroom standing in front of those telco road show booth.

From what I observed from the people I know, these “mushrooms” do own almost each of these new models and they always queue up for purchase these new models of smart phones whenever it is release to the market.

But to be honest, do these people really actually need these phones? Do they really need each models of these new phones? Some research shown that most of these people, do not actually need these new models of phones. And if you are one of these people, I think you already know what I am talking about now.

Most people nowadays is purchasing new models of smart phones just for the sake of owning a newest model of the smart phone in town. It is just like a trend to them. But the fact is, they do not really need these new models. To be exact, they only need about 40% of the phone functions and they do not really need those additional functions that is added to these new models of the smart phones.

From what I see, these people are only using the phone just to make phone calls, SMS, email, twittering, facebooking, organizer and some very basic functions where all smart phones can do.
Yeah, something that even a China made iPhone or Blackberry can do.

A lot of new features such as multitasking and a higher ARM processor does not really bring a difference to them. But yet, these people is still spending a few thousands of cash just to buy the phones.
Guess what? Usually you see those people who is using their iPhone or Blackberry on the public, they are just either twittering or facebooking. Not using the phone to do any work. And to be exact, they just wanted to show off their phone in the public. So it is kinda stupid to spend so much money just to show off if you do not really need all the features of these smart phones.

To be honest, a cheap Android smart phones or a China made phones is really enough if these people just use these simple functions like facebook, twitter, check email, make calls and SMS. If need Wifi, then just get a cheap smart phones with Wifi capability!

Anyway, Android phones is not really something cheap actually. Example, like Samsung Galaxy S, it is still damn expensive and I do not recommend you to buy it if you just like its design and the GUI only. Unless you really need to use the GPS and you need to hack the phone for something advance.

I believe some of you might say that cheap smart phone cannot do a lot things. I am disagree with this.
They can’t do everything, but they can do a lot things. Sometimes, they can even do things that your iPhone4 or Blackberry can’t, as long as you know how to use it well. Of course, this require some hacks and customization, which you can also do it on your iPhone and Blackberry. 80% of the iPhone user is jailbreaking their iPhone just for install games. But do you know that you can do a lot after you jailbreak it? To those who know what I am talking about, and had did something funky on the phones, then I say you are really fully utilize your smart phone. To the others, you are just wasting your money.

Usually those who really fully utilize these smart phones is those apps developers and those who have high programming knowledge. They will use the phones to its maximum capability, and some of them even call their own smart phone as a netbook, not a phone. Example, my friend Kage Senshi who is using his Nokia N900 which is running on Maemo(A Nokia builded Debian Linux based OS). People like him, are people who really qualified to spend money to use these expensive smart phones, as they do fully utilize the phones.

While for myself, I am currently using a China made Blackberry, which it is running the MTK OS. I do not have much money to buy an Android phone, so I just spend RM280 for this Wifi capable phone and customize it myself.
Although it is not running on Android, but it do support Java, which makes it enough to run a lot of Java based programs. Example, I can install several kinds of Twitter programs, Facebook programs, as well as Opera Mini into the phone.
Guess what? I even installed a SSH client to connect into my servers and control my servers using this extremely cheap phone. And the connections are with encryption!
While for chat, I even installed some multi protocol IM clients to connect to MSN, YM, ICQ, Facebook Chat, Skype, Gtalk etc. And when I need to go into IRC, I just use the IRC client I installed in the phone to connect into irc.freenode.net.
Expensive phones got Wifi? My cheap phone also have! In fact, it has been tested and proved that its signal strength is stronger than some expensive phones!

So, what is the conclusion?
It means how good is the phone is not on how new it is or what brand it is, it is on how the user use it.
People nowadays just buy expensive new model phones just to follow the trend and not really need these phones. Majority of these people just buy these new phones just to show off and do not really need most the functions in the phone!
So wake up now! Morons!
Buy just want you really need to use! Not buy what other people have and not fully using it!!!
Stop letting Steve Jobs fuck you in your ass!!!