Facebook Like

I believe almost everyone of you are annoyed with these kind of spam which ask you to click the “Like” in Facebook.

Nowadays, more and more people like nonsense things. Besides chasing for new model of technology gadgets which they already have, these idiots are chasing to harvest more and more “Like” for their stupid things in Facebook.

Now, you can often receive spam in Facebook in all forms, such as private message, your wall, even in your Facebook Chat! These “Like” collectors appear almost everywhere in Facebook and annoy you every page you go in Facebook!

Some of them asking you to click the “Like” button so that they can harvest more “Like” for them to win some contest, I consider them still forgivable. But those who just posted some stupid pictures of them self or stupid picture they snap randomly, and spam around to ask for a “Like”, are really fucking annoying!

Sometimes I wonder why until now, Facebook still not yet add the button as below, so that I can click whenever there are “Like” spammers is annoying me when I am on Facebook!

Facebook Dislike

I assume, there will be a lot of Facebook pages which people just clicked “Like” in order to post criticism comments, going to get a lot of “Dislike” for their page.
Example, some Facebook page which is worth 1.8 million!