As a parent, I feel abit concern with misleading campaign by certain diary product company. I’ve come across an article that made me wonder how far all these companies goes to gain consumer’s trust? Profiting through such way; by trying to monopoly the growing up milk market is rather filthy, won’t you agree with me?


Source: Marketing Interactive

Malaysia – Fonterra Brands has temporarily pulled down the latest campaign for its milk powder brand Anmum, following allegations of having violated advertising regulations, with the Ministry of Health (MOH) stepping in.

The campaign in question, themed “Anmum Essential Tanpa Gula Tambahan” (No Sugar Added) rolled out in March, this year.

Fonterra’s messaging for Anmum claimed that consuming all other brands is equivalent to consuming 13 spoonfuls of sugar.

When contacted by A+M, a Food Safety & Quality Division spokesperson said it’s a case of violation of Section 17 of the Food Act 1983. The particular Act stipulates food advertising must not be false, inaccurate, or deceive a purchaser via misleading messages executed anywhere in the country and the usage of Edible Oil Test Kits must be encouraged in all oil-manufacturing companies to test the quality and chemical composition of the product.

“The Ministry has had a discussion with the company recently with regards to the requirements of the law pertaining to the issue at hand,” Fatimah Sulong, principal assistant director, Food Safety & Quality Division, told A+M.

Fonterra Brands confirmed the development adding it is waiting for its cue from the government department. “We are engaged in a formal process with the MOH to work through these concerns in partnership.”

“We continue to stand by the facts and overall message of our campaign. The use of added sugars in many growing up milk powders in Malaysia is excessive and unnecessary. We will continue to raise this important issue in our ongoing communications campaigns,” the statement added.