To be honest, today’s post was suppose to be my report regarding the Google D3vF3st that I attended which was held at Technology Park Malaysia. Due to some reason, I halted that post and decided to publish this post first. Read More

What Makes You A Good Conqueror? And What Makes You Not?

Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte. I’m sure you do know who is these people. They are among the greatest conqueror ever exist. Anyway, in business, in relationship and almost everything in our life, we are somehow can be Read More

Thank You For The Dreams…

I assume this post might provoke some people. If this post provoke you, then just don’t continue read, and do not do any attack after read this post. What I mean is, do not attack anyone at all, directly or Read More

Unchained Melody

Disclaimer: If you feel not syok reading my emo post, then buzz off. Don’t post any lanciao comment and talk lanciao things say I sohai, coz I am really a sohai! The time now, where I am writing this post Read More

Being Crazy in #MOSC2010…

? Debian Malaysia Members. Photo taken at the community track hall. ? As most of you know, my mood recently is as bad as shit… I was suppose to attend this Malaysia Open Source Conference (MOSC2010) at 29th June 2010. Read More