Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte.
I’m sure you do know who is these people.
They are among the greatest conqueror ever exist.

Anyway, in business, in relationship and almost everything in our life, we are somehow can be considered as conqueror in some cases.

This articles is just merely written base on my own opinion only.
If you wanted to conquer a country, ask your military adviser!

So, what makes your a good conqueror and what makes you not?
There is a few simple criteria to be a good conqueror actually.

1. Do not get too many other country involve.
Why? Because in the alliance, there might be some ally will try to take advantage in the attack you are commencing.
Example? See how Blair is trying to gain popularity by allying himself with Bush.

2. Before you launch your attack, think about the possible amount of casualties that you may cause by your attack.
War victims is a side effects of wars, which it is unavoidable.
But still, the amount of the casualties can be control, depends on the way you plan your attacks.
If you ignore the amount of casualties that you might cause and attack recklessly, you are just making the people in the land you attack to hate you even more.
If you want to win the war entirely, you have to make sure that the people of the land you attack will respect you after your conquest succeed.

3. Do not over confidence!
No matter how good is your strategy, how strong is your army.
If you are over confidence, you are just causing more deaths.
Over confidence will always causing you to move recklessly. Reckless moves will causing more of your soldiers death. And even worse, you are putting your conquest in the risk of failing!
Hence, reckless move due to over confidence causes more pain to everyone!

4. Negotiate and talk if possible to reduce damages.
If there is a chance to talk, discuss or negotiate, do it!
Do not just bombing the land that you are attacking without even attempt for any talks!
Although it seems like the enemy do not want to have a negotiation with you, but try to find a way to talk first. Try to demand for a peaceful surrender or similar demands.
This include talk to the peoples of the land your are attacking, see if the peoples of the land you are attacking able to accept you as the new ruler or not. Conquering a land is not just about controlling the land only, it is also about gain the trust and support from the peoples of the land you conquer. It is also about seeking a way for those people of that land to accept your conquest.

5. Stop attacking the land that you are conquering when you have confirmed your victory!
This is the most important ones.
When you have gain control of the land that you are conquering, and confirmed your victory, stop the offensive acts, cease fire!
The reason is very obvious. If you already gain the administrative power, but still continue with your fire arms activities, it will causing more unnecessary amount of war victims. Increasing war victims after the war will cause more pain to the people, and sometimes it may cause rebellious moves from the people.
The people rebel and fight against you because they are in pain and sorrow.
You shall start to build up your defense to avoid counter attack after the conquest and restore peace to the land, not continue to attack recklessly and causing more pain to the people!

I can give an example in this case.
Bush attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.
Even when US had won the battle, Bush is still insisting to attack those lands with the excuse of wanted to capture the enemy leaders. And this resulting US army is still attacking these lands.
Taliban’s size had grown because of the continuous attacks, as they feel that they should do something to fight against the intruders.
Iraq rebels is formed due to they unable to accept that US is using the army and bombing their homeland around after the war, although US had won the war.

Not only the people of the conquered land will be hating you for such acts.
Even your own people will start to hate you for the massacre after the war.
You can see how US people protest against Bush for his acts. Even a lot of republicans condemned him for what he had did after the wars.

Therefore, when you have won the war, set the war victims free, there is no point to continue torturing the war victims. If you want the peoples to be able accept your conquest, try to restore peace to the land you had conquered, not using force to forcing the peoples to bow to you!