Disclaimer: If you feel not syok reading my emo post, then buzz off.
Don’t post any lanciao comment and talk lanciao things say I sohai, coz I am really a sohai!

Unchained Melody

The time now, where I am writing this post is 1:45am, 3rd July 2010.
Why this post is published late? Coz it is scheduled to be publish to the public later.

At this moment, I am still emo, and I am listening to “Unchained Melody”, the song at above.
Myself, I do love oldies a lot. In fact, I feel that oldies lyrics are very meaningful and able to express our feelings.
It is nice to listen to oldies and have a glass of Merlot which this bottle of wine, I had kept for 9 years.
Yes, I do love classic things. I love old songs, old wines, classical musics etc. Of course, there is some new things which is worth for me to cherish, I do love them too, such as some ballads songs as well as some piano musics. Since I am a sentimental type of musician, most of the musics and songs that I like is usually soft and slow types.
And yes, I am a musician too, not only a geek!

I used to very enjoy this song, for it able to calm me down when I having stress and pressures.
I often lock myself in my room, on the dim lights, and listening to this song with a glass of wine with my eyes close.
The only thing difference at this time, I am drinking my collection that I had kept for 9 years, and listening the song with emotion. And of course, I am unable to close my eyes at this moment and had turned on my netbook to online and write this post.

There is too many things in my mind which made me unable to totally relax myself.
I guess, maybe this is the reason why I took out my precious collection to indulge myself.
I don’t even know what myself is doing at this moment now…

Before this, I did mentioned that I wish to be away for sometime and get myself relax, stay away from everything and just hide myself somewhere so that I will not need to think of anything. I did tried to do it, in fact, I had planned everything, including the destination, settle everything of my business before I leave.
But until now, I am still reluctant to leave. I found that myself are not able to leave the Internet, as on the Internet, there is something precious that I can’t just leave it just like that.

The more I tried to force myself to not see anything in the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, MSN etc, the more I can’t control myself and ends up accessing these. The more I tried to escape, the more I fall deeper into it.
I had even tried to do crazy things and let my mind go blanks while doing these crazy things. I had even tried to be much more annoying than how I was before. But I find out that, the more I force myself doing these crazy things, the more I am not able to control my own emotion, as those things that I wanted to throw away from my mind, keep on appearing in my mind when my mind is blank.

Sounds stupid, yes I know.
If I am not stupid and sohai, I don’t think I deserve to be the owner of the Sohai group in Facebook.
And damn, this short post has took me so much time to write! It is already 3:35am now!
The wine now only left less than half bottle…

Anyway, I am going to continue enjoy this song and continue to drink the wine…
For the first time, I actually drink more than 1 glass when listening to this song.
It is a good thing that no matter how many times I listen to this song, it won’t make me feel bored of it.
Seems like this bottle of wine, is destined to be empty today…

People said that songs, is just like wines.
The older it is, the better it is, the higher value it is.
But I say, no matter it is old or new, as long as it has the value for you to cherish it, its value is high enough.