To be honest, today’s post was suppose to be my report regarding the Google D3vF3st that I attended which was held at Technology Park Malaysia. Due to some reason, I halted that post and decided to publish this post first.

I would like to talk about the word “Communication” today.
I realize that there is a lot people nowadays, do not know how to communicate properly, and causing much more problems. Some even refuse to communicate and let problems happen, and then put the blame to other people as if the communication had done without an outcome.

Often, issues can be solve by proper communication.
Communication can avoid a lot of further unwanted issues.
Of course, both party which involve the communication must be open up the heart and communicate. There is not point when one side is talking with open heart, while the other party refuse to open up the heart for the communication. This, sometimes can make the unsolved issues, spawning much more other issues.

Also, in the communication, both party must have the preparation of toleration.
The world is not only about yourself, you have to think of other people as well.
Self centered kind of mindset usually is the reason of why a proper communication unable to be achievable.
Yes, you should voice up what you desired during the communication, but still, you have to give a chance to the other party to voice up what they desire during the whole conversation.
This is the part where toleration is needed. Both side shall be tolerate each others if the demand is reasonable.

During the conversation, when the other party had brings up a related topic and wanted that topic to be part of the conversation, you should not pretend that it is not an issue that should discuss about and avoid it.
If that topic that is raised up is closely related with the current communication process, then bring it into the conversation and solve them up at the same time.
Pretending that you do not know about what the other party mentioning will not help in order to get an outcome of the conversation. When you know, just say you know. Unless you really don’t know about it, then ask for more details about what the other party has just mentioned.

And there is one more very important thing that you have to remember.
During the whole conversation, do not keep on dig up old mistakes that the other party has made just for the sake of winning in the conversation. This will only make the result of the conversation become much more worse. Having a conversation is to solve the current issues that bothering both party, not making more problems on top of the current issues.

In top of every points above, the most important thing is, both party must be willing to open up the heart and talk. If one party has bring up the conversation, then the other party shall accept it and start to communication. Not refuse to having the discussion and let the existing issues become worse. Complaining it to other people and tell your version of the story will not help. A good conversation involves both side’s story, not gaining support from other people who is not related in the current issue just for the sake of winning. Gaining support from other people and not having a proper conversation with the parties which is involved, will just making things worse.
Therefore, communicate and have a conversation to solve the problem. Not telling your own version of the story and gaining support like running a political election campaign.