Preparation For The Bersih 3.0 Rally

At first, the government showed like they allow the rally like that. Then when the venue was fixed and everyone was informed to gather at Dataran Merdeka, then last minute the government issued a ban to prohibit anyone to step Read More

Patriotism Of Malaysians

There is something bordering me for such a long time ago. The patriotism of Malaysian. As you know, every year when our Merdeka day is near, everyone is attaching Malaysia flag on their car. But is this really show patriotism Read More


To be honest, today’s post was suppose to be my report regarding the Google D3vF3st that I attended which was held at Technology Park Malaysia. Due to some reason, I halted that post and decided to publish this post first. Read More

Sibu is on DAP’s hand now!

The Buy Election result was announced yesterday night. DAP has won the Sibu Parliament seat by a narrow majority of 398 votes. I am not going to comment anything on this, as I wanted to avoid any problems that might Read More

Fuck You!

You might wonder why this article’s title is called “Fuck You”. After much consideration, I found that this 2 words is the most perfect for this article. Since I am going to criticize majority of the Malaysian’s stupid mindset, I Read More