There is something bordering me for such a long time ago. The patriotism of Malaysian.
As you know, every year when our Merdeka day is near, everyone is attaching Malaysia flag on their car.
But is this really show patriotism of a Malaysian?
Maybe you think that is the way to show your patriotism, but to me, patriotism is not something to be shown with this kind of ways. In fact, you should not show your patriotism by just doing something on the surface only. To be really patriotic, you have to be really love your country and do as much as you can for the country.

I know some people, do not really care about the current issues that happened in our country.
By saying what I said above, yes, politic is one of the thing I wanted to talk about.
A lot of Malaysian do not even care about the politic issues happened in our country, and they think it is not necessary to care about anything related with the politic. But to truly love your country, follow up with the current news related with the politic is very important. A country can not be strong if the country is not stable in its politic, since the situation of the politic does directly affect the state of economy of the country.

I am really shocked when some people even says that you hate your country if you care too much about the politic. How true is that?
If you do love your country, you have to know more about the politic of the country, and try your best to change it to a better state. That is how you show you love your country. I dare to say, majority of those opposition politicians in Malaysia do love the country and its people, this is why they have fought so hard and even sometimes sacrifice them self in order to change the country to become a better place to live.
Of course, there is also a lot of those politicians in the ruling coalition do love the country as well, just that they have their own ways of thinking and they believe that siding the ruling coalition are able to change the country to a better place for the people with their own ways.

My point here is, when you know more about the situation regarding the politic, you can make better judgment on voting to which side during election time in order to let those who won the Parliament seat to serve the people as well as giving them an opportunity to change or fix the problems we are having in this country, and make it better.

It is funny that when there is something raise price, these people will make a lot of noise. But it is more funny that they do not even know that the decision that was made, do directly related with the politic as well.
Why when sometimes things raise price, it is related with the politic? Very simple, because the decision is made by those politicians that we have elected. They are holding the ruling power of the country via your votes, and when they are in charge, they are the one who made the decision of changing the ceiling price of certain products. Sometimes, the raise is appropriate, sometimes is not which it might cause by the products cost in the market is raising. For petrol price, the raise is because the ruling coalition is deciding whether to reduce how much subsidy that the government is currently subsidize on the petrol. Sometimes, the raise is acceptable, sometimes it is not. This is why, it is related with the politic!

I don’ think it is wise for me to mention too much regarding the products ceiling price stuff as it might be sensitive to certain people. But you should think about it, the subsidy money is from the tax we are paying, hence it does directly affect the standard of living to the people. When the standard of living of the people drop, it does affect the economy as well, since when a product had raise price, other products which is directly or indirectly related with that product will also raise price. The country’s economy is also heavily affected by this issue!

Another reason why you should care about the politic is, the law of our country, the administration of our country.
Those people that are elected by the citizen will be the one who amend the law. Of course, there is certain procedures when they suggest a bill and amend it in the Parliament. I will not talk about the procedure as it will be something very long for me to write about. Perhaps, if there is an request, I might write an individual article on how the constitution and law is amend and enforce.

Please also keep in mind that, our country’s economy and development plans is also planned and implement by these politicians we have elected. Voting to the wrong person will causing issues to the country as well.
I am not saying that the ruling coalition is not doing well or anything, as I do not want to comment about this. I just want to let you know, that the development of our country, fall on the hand of the politician we have chosen. Hence, it is also about politic too!

Until this point of this article, you might say that what I have said at above, is something very selfish.
True, it is selfish. Reason? Because I want my country to be better and stronger. At least, stays on an acceptable standard where we are able to protect our self against other country in terms of military, diplomatic as well as economy.

Loving the country is not just about waving the flag during Merdeka day only, in fact, you have to do a lot for your country to love your country. As I said above, follow up with the politic news is part of the thing you should do to love your country. Although you are not a politician who serve the people and the country, but voicing up you rational opinion and vote to the correct person is the least you can do to make sure our country’s politic able to go towards to better state.

So please, start to pay some attention to the politic and do your responsibility as the citizen of this country!
Neglecting the stability of the politic and not voting to the appropriate person is not showing that you love your country, instead, it shows that you do not love your country!

I would not dare to say I am a patriot, because I do not know what is the limit I have to reach in order to claim myself as a patriot. But hey, at least I do my part and pay my attention to the politic. But yet, I still do not dare to say it shows that I love my country enough. But hey, at least I am trying my best. It is still consider better than those who only knows how to enjoy the countdown during Merdeka day and never made an effort to make the country a better place!

Remember! The country is made out of the citizens of the country! So the citizens is the country!
How the citizen behave, does reflect the reputation of the country! What the citizen did, does affect the country! So do your responsibility from now on, as you are part of the country!