fuck you

You might wonder why this article’s title is called “Fuck You”.
After much consideration, I found that this 2 words is the most perfect for this article.
Since I am going to criticize majority of the Malaysian’s stupid mindset, I will say vulgar words a lot in this article. If you don’t like, then fuck off and don’t bother to continue to read.

First, I am going to talk about our country’s economy, politics and anything regarding our current living environment.

  • So my first question to you, do you know who is our prime minister now?

I’m sure a lot people can get the answer right, especially older peoples. But also, there is a lot of idiots will answer “Abdullah Badawi” or even worse, “Mahathir”.
This part I will fuck off these idiots who give wrong answer.
Why do I need to fuck these people off when give wrong answer? Very simple, you’ve been living in this country so long, and do not even know what the fuck is going on to the country. You dare to say you a Malaysian ar? Fuck you lar!

You might say whats the big deal of not knowing these?
Then do you know that if you know nothing about the current economy situation and current politic situation, even when the country turn upside down, you will still not knowing what happened when you are required to pay more for your petrol, foods and other necessities?

I remember when I was still a student last time, I was talking to a few of my campus mate. To be accurate, my seniors. One of them do not even know why the “Roti Telur” raise price. That time the egg price was suddenly raise a lot. And when we told him that egg has raise price, guess what he said? He go and say “it is something that for adults to concern, we children no need to care about it”. And guess what? He was a repeat student who failed to clear his paper and his is already 24 years old that time. But hopefully, now he started to care about all this, as he is no longer a children anymore. For your information, he is one of the famous magician in KL and had appeared on the TV for a lot times already, although he is a graphic design graduates.

In fact, not only this feller thinks like that. The facts is, there is too much young people thinking like this nowadays, this is why some certain party of the politic take advantage on these people who does not even care about politic and get their votes from all these idiots, even though they are not doing their work well during their terms.
*To ISA, please read properly that I do not mention any political parties and or mention about any politician’s name. So this article shall not be use against me for any legal actions.

A lot of young working people also fall to these category of idiots, they work just for the sake of spending on what they like. Not much of them work for really support them self and support a family, not much of them keep the money for their future plans. These big spenders usually do not even give a damn on what happened to the country or politic. To them, they just think of their own desire. When things raise price, they reaction is just “Oh raise price already ar?”, not asking about they reason of raise price.
When comes to the election days, they vote without using their brain. They just vote to whoever is currently ruling without even care hows the MP is doing their work during their terms. And surprisingly, these people don’t even know how good or bad their area’s MP is doing work, coz they don’t even know who is their area’s MP.

You might say, things raise price is out of our control, coz things raise price mah. But do you think of what is the reason it raise price? A lot of the items which raise price is actually subsidize by the current ruling government, which means they subsidy is from our tax money. We pay tax for having these things price to be lower. Of course, when the government feel that the money needs to be use on other places, they can do it, but citizen who pay tax have the rights to know about it. In fact, most of the time. the government do announce where the money channel to. But it is not always channeled to the place who want and sometimes it is not appropriate. This is why the citizen who payed tax reserve the rights to voice out.

But these idiots who just accept the price raise without even know the reason, is giving the ruling party more power to channel the money to inappropriate projects. Other words, the tax we payed is used on other place already, and we did not enjoy the benefit from the tax we payed much.

So idiots, it is the time you start to follow up the current situation of the economy and the politic now! Vote to the side that you see will bring benefit to the people, not the side that is currently ruling without consider anything! The politic is not only about other people’s power, it do related with the moneys in your wallet, the moneys in your bank account!