At first, the government showed like they allow the rally like that. Then when the venue was fixed and everyone was informed to gather at Dataran Merdeka, then last minute the government issued a ban to prohibit anyone to step their foot into Dataran Merdeka area.

At first the police said they go to Dataran Merdeka earlier and setup things as preparation to ensure the safety of the rally (according to a fucking fake news maker on the TV). Then suddenly last minutes, announced said Dataran Merdeka was sealed off and everyone is prohibited from stepping their foot into Dataran Merdeka, until 1st May 2012!? WTF!?

I don’t think I need to write much about Bersih 3.0 things anymore, as most of you, had already read a lot about it from other places, such as Facebook updates, blogs as well as some Twitter updates. I am just going to share some information which might be useful for you, if you are going to join the rally later.

Here are some of the things I found from
And I believe it will be very useful for you if you are joining the rally later.

There are also 5 tips given at that blog on what you should be careful about when you are at the rally. I have translated it and altered them a bit to make it more understandable.

1. Stay away from things like cones, or anything which looks weird, as there might be possibilities that bombs are planted by some terrorist to take advantage of the situation.

2. Do not vandalize anything, as there might be possibilities that those who are from “other side” will record down the video and use it as their propaganda materials to tarnish the images of Bersih supporters. You are there to demos, not to vandalize!

3. Mo littering. Do not simply trow any rubbish on the rally venue, for the same reason as above. Keep the places clean!

4. Please report about anyone that looks suspicious, as there will be a lot of provocation agents and saboteurs might be sent to create chaos. Please stay calm and do not get influence by them and follow their offensive acts.

5. Do not expose any personal details to anyone you do not know. Example, when someone you do not know, asked you “Are you a student? Where you study?”, or “What is your name? Where you live/from?”. Any personal identity details shall not be expose to anyone during the rally. Keep your identity anonymous to avoid yourself to ensure your own safety!

Below is what I have copied from and it will be very useful in case you are arrested by police during the rally.


OFFICE NUMBER: 03 77843525 (DIANE)

Dear All,
Attached is the Suaram’s urgent arrest team for 28 April.
We have given our name and contact numbers.
This what we want you to do:
If you see or witness anyone being arrested at your respective place, please send sms to the number that given.


OFFICE NUMBER: 03 77843525 (DIANE)

1 CENTRAL MARKET NALINI SARAH 019 3043159 018 3181179

4 MASJID INDIA ANDIKA 016 224 7255
5 BRIEKFIELDS THEVA 013 384 5740
6 KLCC HASBEE 014 925 4010

You only have to type:
a. Name
b. IC Number/passport number
c. Police station that the person being taken to or detained
SUARAM will send the sms to the lawyers as well as to the our person in charge in office.
You may also call our office and you can talk to Miss Diane and please give details to her.
Its easy… Dont get panic when you arrested by the police or being stopped by the DBKL. All you need to do is CALM DOWN and Call US!
Released by,
On behalf of SUARAM Team

These numbers are very useful in case if you or your friend are arrested by police during the rally. Save them inside your cell phone!

By the way, besides the things which recommended to bring during the rally, I also recommend you to bring along a goggle, a swimming goggle would be good enough to protect your eyes from tear gas. And also, a gas mask, or at least, any type of mask which you wear during heavy haze, as it can help to at least, reduce the intake of toxic gases emitted from the tear gas canister.