House Burned
The picture is not my house, it is Disney.

If you have read this blog long enough, you will know that I am actually lucky to be alive today.
Last year 18th of June, my house was burned due to short circuit.
Me and my whole family almost die in the house.

Now I am no longer living in my old house, and moved to a bigger house.
Thank god, at that moment, I have enough money to move to a new house and no need to ask help from those relatives who just know how to ask question and never offer help during I the time I need help the most.
They just asking fucking questions about how the fire was started and never even offer to help at all.

I went back to my old house last month, 1 of my neighbor(living in the next block) showed me a video.
In that video, he recorded the scene when my house was on fire.
After I see that video clip, I was shocked. I really feel that I am lucky to survive after see that video clip because it is like not possible for someone to be alive if trap inside a fire like that.
Anyway, I am glad that I am brave enough to find the keys in the fire to open the door to escape.
A little bit burn on my skin, but at least, my whole family survived.
So when you scold me, the word “Ham Kar Chan” are not appropriate to use on me, coz my whole family survive. Lol
Use that word to other people lar!

Anyway, if you want to know more, search my previous article(last year) and find out what was happened during the time I survived and how I managed to rebuild my live after the fire.

During my visit to my old house, I did asked people around there regarding who is living in my old house now, how is that place now etc. I just find out that my old house is rented to Somalian. And my (former) direct neighbor who live next to me, the one who refuse to help to put off the fire that one. Still not yet die, even though after I cursed him for so long.

My previous house was a rented house. And that damn fucking house owner, thought that I do not have place to live after the fire and living in relatives house. Before the insurance claim was granted, I was very cooperative to meet the insurance adjuster. I told the house owner I still want to live in that house, because of already get used to that environment. That condo have sundry shop and a mamak stall at down stair, and in front of the condo, there is another mamak stall. So it is easy to get food at that place. Plus there is a school in front of the condo, so if I wanted to send my child to school, I can save a lot of time, no need to go far.

Ok, when the insurance claim was granted, the house owner is telling me that I have to pay the 1 month advance and 2 month deposit plus half month utilities deposit all over again because he is not able to earn during that 3 month while waiting for the insurance claim. Pukimak! According to the law, he is not suppose to charge anything during the time while waiting for insurance claim. Everything is already covered by the insurance and he should not charge from me at all. Furthermore, it is because of his house fucking bad wiring that is almost causing my whole family live gone! Now he dare to squeeze money from me!?

Then I told him that if like that, I rather continue to stay at my new house. Before that I was planned to loss 1 month deposit penalty for ending the new house contract early in order to move back to old house. Since he is charging everything all over again, and it is 3 fucking months of rental payment, i rather continue to stay at new house lar.
Then guess what he asked? He say “Oh, you already found a new house ar? I thought you were living in your relatives house.”
Then I replied to him “So you are thinking that I have no place to live and trying to squeeze money from me lar? You think that I am desperate to get a house immediately and you taking advantage like this lar? My new house is far bigger than yours, just it is not so convenient to those place to eat only. Like this I rather continue stay at new house and no need to loss any more money lar!”
Then immediately he keep quiet.

This kind of people really pissed me off.
Since last year, after my house was burned and started my new life after I rebuild everything, I always pray.
In my prayer, I pray that my neighbor(the one that close his door and refuse to help to put off the fire) and my former house owner to die in fire, and hope their house burned to ashes.
Until today, in my prayers still, I still praying for this, although my prayers was not heard by HIM yet.
By the way, I not only pray for bad things only lar. I also got pray for something good also, I also got pray for other people also. Lol

Anyway, I just writing this in rush due to I am quite busy for the moment. Need to rush to finish my work…
I am still thinking should I upload the video that was showed to me by my neighbor from the next block as well as those pictures I have taken(the fire scene) after the fire or not.
I can tell you, after you see those, you will be wondering how am I still able to survive in that kind of fire.

By the way, last month, I was celebrating my survivor with a bottle of champagne. 🙂
The kind that have alcohol that kind, not RM7 sparkling juice. And that bottle of champagne is 1 of the surviving thing from the fire scene. It is lucky that my wine cabinet was not wiped out by the fire.

So, lets pray for my survivor and long life, and pray for some people’s death.
Lets curse those fuckers everyday from now on!
Fuck those pukimak! Pu niah boh! Ham kar chan!