This is an unofficial logo for Peugeot in Malaysia.
How this logo is inspired?
See the video below.

Dear Kiki Kamaruddin, you are now fucking famous with your white Peugeot with plate number CDM25.
plate number

Also, I realize that your company, “Kerja Kahwin” are also getting a lot of free publicity through this “viral campaign”.
Even your website also have a lot of comments!
Bravo! Bravo!

I also understand that you also selling tudung? Well, I really salute the photographer who take your modeling picture, it successfully conveyed the messages about the product. Oh wait… I getting the wrong message… LOL
modeling pic

As for asking the old man to pay you RM2K immediately according to what you’ve said “You pay me 2 thousand now!”, well, I also understand that you do not like to “hutang” but then again, he said can claim insurance mah, that one not consider hutang also mah.
no hutang

I know, the car is only 1 month old, but it is a company car mah, got insurance mah. You now have your evidence of accident all around the Internet already, sure Jernih insurance allow you to claim one.
car info

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Note: I am not cyberbullying her, I am just posting crap only. So just ignore this if you don’t like this. End of story!