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Face Book

yeah, everyone read this book. Facebook.
How many people read “Lord Of The Rings”?
How many people read “Harry Potter”?
“Pride And Prejudice” by Jane Austin?
How bout “Twilight”

I can say not a lot people really read those books, especially thick ones.
If I ask, “How bout Facebook?”
I’m sure everyone who reading this article will say “Yes, I do read my Facebook.”

No matter how much the government make their effort to encourage people to read books more, no one really care about it. But when a chick or a dick is posting something inside the Facebook saying craps like “Today my cibai very gatal, give me a lanciao now!” or “My lanciao says he want to find a hole, who can give me her hole?“, everyone will sure go and read and sometimes give a lot response like “What happened girl? Ur cibai sick ar? Let my lanciao cure ur cibai, my lanciao do care about ur cibai” or “My cibai already got 1 dick inside now wor, but still have room for 1 more lanciao, u come and put ur lanciao inside now lar“.

Nowadays, most people who work in office(blue collars), and even those on executive levels, when they arrive office, the first thing is not checking the daily schedule anymore. Guess what? Yes, open the web browser and check their Facebook. To them, Facebook is much more important than do their job properly.
Now, average time that a blue collar spend on Facebook during office hour is almost 55% of time! Yes, 4 1/2 hours of 8 hours working hours!

For those who still able to control them self to complete their work, then only go on facebooking, it is still acceptable. But most of these blue collars put Facebook as their priority, MSN/YM as their secondary, then the last one would be doing their work!!!

Sometimes when I asked these people, whether things I requested them to do or process completed already or not. They usually will say they are busy with some other important work on hand and keep on delay. But when I see their LCD, guess what? Facebook and MSN/YM. I don’t even see there is any Exel/Calc or Words/Write is running on their PC/Laptop!!! Mah puki! Facebook is some kind of important work lar!?

What the fuck they are thinking!?
They play Farmvile so that can help our country’s agriculture and make sure our country got enough food to eat lar!?
Then play Mafia Wars so that they can kill those gangsters and reduce the numbers of Mat Rempit and gangsters in our city lar!? Help the police to do work of peace piss lar!?
Play Be A Tycoon so that can help our country’s economy growth lar!?

As I know, recently a lot of companies already blocked Facebook in their office network. Some even blocked MSN and YM ports. This was done due to those bosses is too pissed off with these people who are trying to save the country via Facebook. But still, these super heroes is accessing Facebook using external proxies to continue to save the country, and use 3rd party web based MSN/YM proxies such as ebuddy to continue to chat!

Even after working hours, these people also stay in front of their PC and spend most of their time on Facebook… I advice to these Facebook addict, “Get A Life!” I know you got go and meet your friends, but when you at home, spend some time to do other thing also, browse other websites and learn some useful things!
Is not that I against Facebook or people who are using Facebook. But not doing their work during office hour and addicted to Facebook, it is pathetic! Do your work 1st, if have extra time, only go on Facebook! Spend so much time on Facebooks at home not enough ar!? Go work also just stick to Facebook only ar!?

Not only working people addicted to Facebook only, students also the same. At the time they should pay more attention on study, they just spend all the time either lepak with friends or Facebooking only!

Ok, when mentioned about students, some form 5 students(SPM this year) really do pissed me off!
Here’s the story.
I went to a Old Town White Coffee shop(no point tell you at which 1) last week, and have a drink while waiting for someone. At that time, I bring along my netbook and do my work while waiting. My netbook battery was depleted that time and need to be recharge, due to I have some very important online transaction to be done. The table which I usually sit was already taken by a few SPM student. I can know they are SPM students coz i see the books on the table, and they did chat with 1 of the Old Town staff that they are drinking there while study, coz that staff is going to get her result at the next day. I always choose that table coz there is a power plug there, but too bad, it is already taken by them. It is alright, since they arrive there 1st.

The table I sit that time was just beside their table. They are already using the power plug. So I go forward and ask them to let me use the power plug for about 10 minutes coz my netbook battery already depleted, and I have some very important online transaction to do. Guess what!? They tell me to ask for a extension plugfrom Old Town, so I have no choice and go ask the supervisor there who I know him very well(I’m a regular customer there, that’s how I know him). But he told me, they do not have extra extension plugs already. Then I go back to that table and told them that, hope that they will use their battery power 1st and let me use the power plug for a while. And that fucking bitch tell me, “Sorry lah, sebab kami perlu guna electric ni untuk facebook lah.”. Then they continue to play their facebook games.

Mah cibai! Just ask for use the power plug for a while for important thing, they don’t allow ar!? Facebook is more important ar!? During the whole night they are over there, I can only see them chatting and facebooking, their books was never even open once before!!! This is called study ar!? SPM now got new subject called “Facebook” mer!?

Luckily, that Old Town supervisor know it is very important for me to use the Internet, coz he do know when I online at there, means I am doing my work online. Then, when there is 1 of the table’s customer was leaving, he immediately asked me to change to that table(another table at the other corner). I was wondering why. Then he told me, at the wall where the sofa chair of that table is located, there is 1 power plug. It was hidden with the sofa chair intentionally to avoid people hogging the power plug whole day there by just order 1 drink only.

I was changed to that table and completed my work. I really thank this supervisor for this. There was also another client having the same situation with me. He also asked to use the power plug from those bitches, guess what? Same result. I then offer the power plug I am using to that person. And when I look at those bitches screen, it is still facebook, nothing else. And things that make me more tulan is, they are just chatting to each other there and not even using the laptop at all!!!

Myself, I do surf on Facebook once a while. But I never become so addictive like these people. I am not against Facebook users, I am against those who addicted to it and neglected all the things they need to do!!!

Anyway, here is a video about a couple who are addicted to Facebook and they even updating Facebook at the middle of their wedding ceremony!
They are changing their profile’s relationship status!
Anyway, this is the sweetest part of Facebook users I’ve ever seen so far, although it is very funny that they updating their Facebok at the altar. Lol
Enjoy the video!

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