Today is 8th March, in other word, this means today is International Women’s Day.
So I would like to wish every females who reading this, Happy Women’s Day!

About what is “International Women’s Day” and its history, I think I am not going to write it here, as it is too long for me to write. Furthermore, that is what Google is for, right? So if you want to know more about what is “International Women’s Day” is all about, just go to Google and search for it.
Or you may go to the “International Women’s Day” official website to read more about it.
And here is the Wikipedia link about “International Women’s Day”.

Ok, before you say anything about the poster, about the theme topic is wrong, please be aware that UN’s Women’s day theme are different. This is the reason why you’ve heard about the theme name “Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty

Since long time ago, there are a lot women who had do a lot, contributed a lot to the society.
Of course, Mother Theresa is one of these noble women.

In fact, as a man, we should respect women. A man who do not know how to respect women at all, is a man who doesn’t deserve any respect at all.

Anyway, by saying respect women, it doesn’t mean every women deserve respect.
I’m sure a lot people did know that some women are bitch, and they always make troubles to everyone else around them, slandering people, accuse people for the sake of their own benefit etc.
I’ve been fucked up by these kinds of bitch a lot, and I’m sure a lot people also did fucked up by some bitches and makes you damn frustrated.

Well, to these kind of bitches, my “Happy Women’s Day” wishes are excluded to them. They don’t deserve my wishes.
To those bitches that makes people’s life miserable, they only deserve a “Fuck You!”
And by the way, 拖车姐 Jessie Ooi still deserve a “Happy Women’s Day” wishes, as she had contributed a lot to the Internet, coz her contribution is, making herself one of the most hilarious comedian to everyone and showed that how MCA lack of talents to take her as the political coordinator, while in fact she only knows how to lie.