Importance Of Green Computing

This could be something you hardly heard of. But the truth is, you might be already using some technology stuffs that are compliance with Green Computing. Remember those old time CRT monitors? Old x86 computers? Some of them might show Read More

Turn Off Lights 1 Hour Will Not Help To Make The Earth Greener!

Note:This is a multi paged article. Please click to go to the next pages to read the whole article. I believe a lot of fucktards turned off their lights for 1 hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm for the earth hour. Read More

Use More Electric During Earth Hour To Reduce Energy Waste!

Most people around the world will going to turn of their lights during the “Earth Hour” and say it will help reduce the energy waste. Well, I say fuck them. By turning off the lights at that 1 hour, actually Read More

Raising Concern Over Marketing Gimmick

As a parent, I feel abit concern with misleading campaign by certain diary product company. I’ve come across an article that made me wonder how far all these companies goes to gain consumer’s trust? Profiting through such way; by trying Read More

Misleading ads by certain milk companies…

Recently, there has been a rage about a certain milk companies who claimed that their milk contains no added sugar. And here’s sharing what other companies with parents who are concerned about this issue with you:   As parents, it Read More