Wang Lee Hom

Myself is a Celcom user for some time already. I registered my Celcom line during a Hand Phone Fair due to 1 of the booth is giving away a free blue-tooth headset.
Actually at that time, I was also planned to register a Celcom line for business use, so that I can separate calls from clients and from my friends & family. Some more most businessman is also use Celcom, so I call them also not so expensive. Since got free blue-tooth headset, of course I sign up from that booth lar.

I’ve been using this Celcom Exec plan for nearly 1 year. And was very satisfied with them. They never overcharge for things I didn’t spend on like what happened to my previous MahCibai line, charging me 3G usage so much, while the phone which I used for that line don’t even have 3G or GPRS capability(Yes, a freaking old phone)! Even when I was using HotShit that time(before post paid), already got so much problem! Always cannot call out or receive call at all during festive seasons! No matter retry how many times! Not only during using HotShit only! After become post paid also still happen the same thing!

My Celcom line have no such problem no matter at what festive seasons!!! Even my Digi prepaid line also still able to receive call or call out after 2 or 3 more attempts!!!

Ok, enough with my rants.
Back to the topic already….
As people who know me knows, I am the type of person who like free things with quality.
And I also hesitate to spend on things that I don’t need.

Same goes to my Celcom line. I was reluctant to pay my Celcom bill, hahhahaha.
At first, this line is registered for business purpose. Although I had informed all my clients to call my Celcom number and I will no longer using my Digi line for business use, but still most of them is still calling my Digi line. So start from end of last year, I decided to let the line to be suspended lar, although can’t call out, but still can receive call. Not much people call that number anyway….. But started from last week, when the line is totally terminated, a lot of my clients are unable to reach me. Some of them even sent me email and asked me izzit I changed my number. Then only I realize that there is in fact, a lot of my new clients only have my new number(Celcom).

In the past, I also always forget to pay the bill. Even when received the SMS notification about the bill, I also ignore. Until my line was suspended(can only receive call), only I pay online. Usually when I pay online, I just call to the customer care hot line, my line will be unbarred within 10 minutes.

To me, Celcom is like Ah Long. When you din pay Ah Long the money you owe them, they chain up your door while are inside the house and when you pay, the will take off the chain and let your come out.
While for Celcom, if you don’t pay the bill for 2 months plus, they bar your line. You cannot make any call at all. But if you pay, immediately they will unbar your line.

This time, their reactivation and unbar time is damn fast!
When I arrive the Celcom center, I told the receptionist that I wish to reactivate my terminated line due to it was terminated for non payment. I was given a form to fill up and asked me to go to the counter.
At the counter, the receptionist asked me a few question about do I want to pay in full amount or just 70% of the owed amount etc. Same as the receptionist, they speak very fluent english. It seems like all of thier customer service staffs has been trained very well for communicate with customers, unlike some telco, speak broken english with manglish slang.

After I paid the amount I owe to Celcom, I straight ask how long will I need to wait for my line to be reactivated back. When she said “usually is about 10…” I though she is going to say 10 hours. But amazingly, she said “10 Minutes“. I think “wah1 got so fast or not!? Totally terminated until the phone say “Unregistered SIM” wor!?”.
Never mind lah, if really takes longer than 10 minutes, also is my own fault mah, cannot blame them.

While waiting for the girl at the counter to print my receipt for me, I straight turn on my cell phone that is used for the Celcom line. Then suddenly in my mind “WTF!!!!!????????”. The line is already totally reactivated, and i try to use it to call my Digi number. Guess what!? My Digi number phone is ringing already. It is totally activated in less than 3 minutes after I pay the money!? The receipt is also not yet finish print out yet!

When I told the girl at the counter about this, she said it is normal to be that fast. As long as the bill is paid, even with just 70% of the owed amount, the line will be automatically reactivate by the system.

For the whole year through, my experience with Celcom is great. Worth to continue using their service. No wonder so many businessman is using Celcom lah. Celcom is really suitable for business use. Coz in business, everything is about money. And for Celcom, they are the same, everything is about money. If you pay the bill, everything also “Yes”, no you don’t pay the bill, then they will give you “No”. Furthermore, their call rates is one of the lowest I seen so far compare to other post paid telco. At least, I never see any hidden charges in my Celcom bill before. Unlike in my MahCibai bill last time, not only hidden charges, sometimes they even charge you for things that you never used before!