Lucid’s Beta Theme: Ubuntu’s Window Control Buttons Issue

You thought this is a bug of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx(10.04)? No, this is not a bug, opensource software will not have such careless bug like what Microsoft products have. Before I go into details, let me show you some of Read More

Iron Man 2 Official Poster Released

The official Iron Man 2 poster has been release to the public by Marvel. You can expect to see this poster everywhere when the cinemas is ready to put this movie on the screen.

What Book Do Most People Read Everyday? ==> Facebook!

JDYWH66AN8B8 Disclaimer: This picture is simply taken from Google Image only. There is no intention of insulting the original magazine at below nor the model in this magazine’s cover. yeah, everyone read this book. Facebook. How many people read “Lord Read More

Celcom Line Reactivation Is So Damn Fast!!!

Myself is a Celcom user for some time already. I registered my Celcom line during a Hand Phone Fair due to 1 of the booth is giving away a free blue-tooth headset. lol Actually at that time, I was also Read More

Ironman Official Trailer 2

Ironman 2 Extended Trailer (Trailer 1+2) Ironman 2 Trailer 2 From this 2 trailer, you will not only able to see Wiplash(The nemesis of Ironman) and The War Machine(Ironman’s sidekick). You will be also able to see Ironman’s new suite Read More