NameWee – ? (Di?o)

Today no article, only want to share 1 song that I like. And I would like to dedicate this song to everyone, especially those pukimak who always think everything from oversea is better than local stuff. Proton Rulez! Don’t think Read More

Windows Device Drivers

I’m sure that there is a lot people is having problem looking for device drivers for their Windows PC. Especially those who bought a laptop which have a “Vista” sticker on it when they wanted to install Windows XP. It Read More

Ham Kar Fu Guai – Happy Valentine & Chinese New Year!!! – The Year Of Me!!!

I would like to wish everyone Happy Valentine & Happy Chinese New Year. Since this year is the Year of Tiger Cat, so I am going to bless those who good with me. And if you fuck with me, I’ll Read More

Bumps on F, J & 5

Most people never noticed this. There is bumps on the letter F, J & 5 on your keyboard. What is those bumps for? Those who learned computer typing during the time when still using the soft floppy disk time, might Read More

Olympic 6 More Days!!!

Olympic will start at 6 more days later, 12th February 2010. You must be asking, “Olympic not at 2012 at London mer?” Yeah, you are not wrong. That is also Olympic. 2012 ones is Summer Olympic. Now I am talking Read More