Olympic will start at 6 more days later, 12th February 2010.

You must be asking, “Olympic not at 2012 at London mer?”
Yeah, you are not wrong. That is also Olympic. 2012 ones is Summer Olympic.
Now I am talking about Winter Olympic.

I assume that some people might say, “Cheh, Winter Olympic is not real Olympic lah, If it is real Olympic, our country sure send people already one, so why care?”.
If you say like this, then here is my answer to you.
Fuck You!
We are not sending our people because we do not have winter sports, and we do not have the athletes for winter sports.
Not because Winter Olympic is not official Olympic events!

Anyway, I really hope that some of those people who always go to Sunway Piramid to play ice skating will be sent by our country to the Winter Olympic, hahahahha.


By the way, one more month later, there will be Winter Paralympic 2010 at the same place, at Vancouver.
Paralympic is the same like Olympic where it have Summer Paralympic and Winter Paralympic.
Paralympic is for athletes who are physically disabled. In Malaysia words, OKU.
Our country is also participate in the Summer Paralympic. But sadly, the budget our government allocate to Paralympic games is very very low.
I really hope that our government will increase the budget for our Paralympic sports.
You know what? Our Paralympic athletes are real warriors. They brought back a lots of gold medal, they never use the excuse about their disability for not doing anything. Instead, they made our country proud and prove that we are a strong nation!

I always wonder why these Paralympic athletes never awarded a “Datuk” title even though some of them had already bring back so many gold medals. While those who only bring back 1 silver medal can get the title.

To be honest, I will not spend much time to watch the Winter Olympic. But I will spend more time to watch the Winter Paralympic and see these warriors struggling to make their country proud, although we have no athletes sent for the Winter Paralympic 2010.