I would like to wish everyone Happy Valentine & Happy Chinese New Year.
Since this year is the Year of Tiger Cat, so I am going to bless those who good with me. And if you fuck with me, I’ll bite you! This year is my year!!!

Anyway, since these few days I am damn fucking busy, so I cannot write until very long. Just to write a few lines to say Happy Valentines & Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.
I’m sure a lot people is also very busy these few days, since this year Valentine & CNY falls on the same day.

For guys, good for you. Since both big day falls on to the same day, you are just need to spend more effort compare to years before this. But hey, you are saving a lot of money since you get to celebrate both of it in the same day.

Here is a CNY song that I am using as my ring tone these few days.
Hope you enjoy it as well.

And for those who gamble, control your hand. If you lose a lot, then stop already, don’t lose until u have to take off your pants during this CNY.

And for those who like to eat a lot, you should know what to do. Don’t eat until like there is no tomorrow and then go and complaint say your body weight is too heavy. If yourself go and eat a lot, then you are pandan muka 1, who ask you to eat until so much while you wanted to diet!?

At last, I wish you all “Ham Kar Fu Guai
A.K.A “Whole Family Wealthy”