My 2010 Report Card.

Finally, the year 2010 will be end soon. Anyway, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas as I did not write any Christmas greeting article this year due to I was too busy with a lot of things. Read More

Worldcup 2010 By NameWee

Just found a new song that is written and sing by NameWee. So just wanted to post it up to share.

Olympic 6 More Days!!!

Olympic will start at 6 more days later, 12th February 2010. You must be asking, “Olympic not at 2012 at London mer?” Yeah, you are not wrong. That is also Olympic. 2012 ones is Summer Olympic. Now I am talking Read More

Going to be year 2010 in 1 more hour.

Time has pass so fast. Christmas just over, and now is New Year. 1 more hour later, it will be year 2010. So i would like to say Happy New Year to you. Year 2009 is really an unforgettable year Read More

Google 2010 Count Down Timer

I just found something interesting at Google had placed a hidden 2010 count down timer in their search page. Just go to or you might get redirected to it doesn’t matter. Just leave the search text area Read More